Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Study Abroad Blog Design

My cousin Azzah is basically my little sister, and the whole family is going to miss her like crazy when she leaves for 6 months to study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey this spring. Azzah is sure to have the most memorable time of her life and is already looking forward to traveling and seeing the world in these few months abroad. She wanted to keep a blog to journal her adventures and also so the family could keep up with her as well. She told me she wanted it to be "fun, adventurous... and still girly" - all adjectives I would use to describe Azzah herself :)

The title of her blog is, "With love, from Istanbul." Click here to keep up with the many mis-adventures of this curious college girl! Also, it goes without saying that I am insanely jealous. Have a blast, Azzah!! :)

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